Established in 1922, Ourivesaria Tavares is one of the most presti- gious goldsmithery factories in Portugal, based in Póvoa do Varzim. They are best known for creating jewellery and sacred art pieces that amalgamate an unrivalled level of tradition and innovation.

In all of their creations, they focus on using only the best mate- rials and techniques while always paying maximum attention to details. Their collections of jewellery are simply exceptional where GIA-certified diamonds and other precious stones take the spotlight. Ourivesaria Tavares’ commitment to the construction of an innovative future has granted them a unique distinction among the artistic community of the city back in 2016.

Luxury and craftsmanship are two terms that have been always associated to the outstanding work of Ourivesaria Tavares and according to Carlos Tavares, “luxury results from the value of the materials used, especially, the valued added by the artisan. In light of such, we have accepted – throughout almost 100 years – challenges proposed by our clients to develop unique pieces with exclusive and personalised details. Craftsmanship is, therefore, the assumption of luxury in all of our pieces”.

Many of their pieces are inspired by the rich history of Portugal, such as the “Baixela Portugália”, an hand-carved design where each piece has the coat of arms of D. Carlos. Another prime ex- ample is “Siglas Poveiras” a unique silver collection where graph- ics were applied to each piece in a representation of the fishing families that would use these elements to highlight maritime and homemade objects.

Furthermore, “As Arrecadas de Laúndos” is their most historic piece as it is a reproduction of items from the 2nd century BC. The original pieces were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, in the parish of Laúndos and can now be found in the Soares dos Reis National Museum, in Porto. Ourivesaria Tavares’ master goldsmiths employed their knowledge of the techniques used at the time and reproduced them to perfection, and the final result was astonishing as many have difficulties realising which one is the original. When asked about what makes Ourivesaria Tavares’s pieces so unique, Carlos Tavares proudly answered, “We want each piece to have a value guarantee with a strong stamp of exclusivity and timelessness. In virtue of such, we opt for precious stones and enamels instead of other less noble ma- terials. And, to these, we apply techniques and designs that are defined by the tradition of Portuguese goldsmithery.”